MapInfo Pro 10.5 Features and Opinion from SGSI
  MapInfo Professional 10.5

To be updated soon for v11.0 ...

New features & SGSI's perspective



MapInfo Professional 10.5 is the latest revision of this mature GIS from Pitney Bowes Software (formerly "MapInfo Corp").   With a "first ship" date in June 2010, v10.5 maintains the company's decade-long tradition of annual software upgrades.

Compared to other GIS software, MapInfo Pro is distinguished by:

  • Microsoft Windows "look-and-feel" including full support for Windows 7 O/S and MS Office 2007;

  • Tightly-integrated set of viewing, editing, mapping & analytic tools;

  • Unparalleled "what-if" analysis features; and

  • Excellent inter-connectivity with Oracle, Access, SQL Server and other industry-standard databases.


New in Version 10.5

Free BING maps!

Want detailed aerial photography as a base map layer?  In v10.5 this is a one-click operation.  Click a new Bing button and the aerial map is auto-added to the map window, geo-referenced (of course) so your standard MapInfo maps overlay correctly.  As with Bing Maps in Firefox or IE, a live internet connection is required. 

  • Cost?  $0, provided you maintain your MapInfo Pro software maintenance agreement. 

  • Transaction limits?  None.  Pan-and-zoom as much as you wish.

  • Geographic limitations?  None.  Underlay detailed aerial maps for Lhasa as easily as Los Angeles.




Multiple zoom-dependent styles

Accustomed to using "zoom layering" to turn layers or labels on/off at a single zoom level?  MapInfo v10.5 lets you set *multiple* zoom levels, each with its own style.

Custom composite point & line styles

Add a fresh, original look by defining custom point, lines or patterns via "stacks" of standard styles.








Layered, georeferenced and data-enriched PDFs

v10.0 let you create PDF map files with built-in layer control.  v10.5 adds Lat-lon geo-referencing and options to bake-in data table values.  



Top 3 reasons to use "layered" PDF maps:

  • Anyone can use Adobe Reader, even those without GIS software or background.

  • Users can zoom-in without losing image quality (unlike maps in JPG or other bitmap formats). 

  • Save time.  Make one multi-layered PDF map that can serve different users:  i.e, each user may turn on/off the layers of interest.



  Data Access


Directly open Google KML and KMZ format files in your map window.

Search, buy & download maps "on demand"

Need digital maps for a new project?  Use v10.5's built-in "Data on Demand" toolbar to access PBS/MapInfo's entire worldwide geodata catalog.  Find, buy and download the data you need in just a few clicks.  

Need map content for just a small geographic area?  For the first time, buy "per square kilometer".

SGSI's Comments:
When interacting with PBS web sites, please select "SGSI" as your PBS/MapInfo reference "partner".  It will not affect your costs and will give you the benefit of our responsive after-sales customer and technical support.

Search Global Digital Map Catalogs

Need international or other unusual map layers?  Use v10.5's menu (File > Open Web service > Search CSW catalogs) to search worldwide digital map catalogs.

SGSI's Comments:
CSW map catalogs are new to North America, but are an emerging global standard.

Tile Server map layers

Define and display map layers driven by nearly any tile server--not just BING. 

Have your own Envinsa or other corporate map tile server?  MapInfo Pro v10.5 can be configured to directly address them, too.

SGSI's Comments:
MapInfo Pro has long been able to access web-based map servers via WMS or WFS protocols,  But WMS and WFS seem slow compared to BING or Envinsa map tile servers. 


Search worldwide digital map catalogs for free or unusual digital maps 


Updated Add-ins

The following add-ins, are significantly updated in v10.5:

  • MapCAD:  CAD tool box;

  • GPS:  Real-time GPS integration




Before ordering, consider your options:

  • Do you need a new full desktop license, or an upgrade?  If upgrading, do you have your serial number?

  • The first year of Maintenance and Support ("MATS) is included in all paid upgrades or new licenses.  But you may save $ by opting for 2 or 3-Year MATS subscriptions. Maintenance includes 800# Technical Support, all software upgrades, and discounts on MapWorld/Insights Conference.

All prices listed here are in US$, for a single named-user desktop license, for shipment to USA destinations and are subject to change without notice.  We must have your serial number to process an upgrade order.  Volume discounts may apply if you have 15+ individual licenses. 

Please call SGSI at 206-224-0800 for volume license and concurrent license options as well as for detailed quotations.



Full product
Note:  Price includes 1 year Maintenance/Upgrades & BING maps.



Upgrade from MapInfo Pro v10.0, 9.5, or 9.0.
Note:  Price includes 1 year Maintenance/Upgrades & BING maps.


Upgrade from MapInfo Pro v8.5 or earlier
Note:  New policy, effective September 30, 2007.

$Free MapBasic Automation Language (Download)
$Pls Call 2-Yr / 3-Yr Maintenance/Support contracts
$Pls Call Concurrent use and/or Volume Licensing.

$Pls Call

Upgrade from competitive product (Please Call)



New licenses:  30 days phone support



Upgrades:  30 days phone support



Three-incident pre-paid support:  1 yr


  Training Options

1.  Free online training
Previous sold for $40 per lesson, the online training web site is now open to all at no charge.   Link to PBS/MapInfo Corp's online training...
Note:  You will be asked to "register".  (Pls. select "SCHLOSSER GEOGRAPHIC SYSTEMS" as your contact on the registration form.  Please see example here ...)

2.  Paid training

Please see SGSI Training page ...

3.  Video tutorials

Learn v10.5 features via free video-on-demand trainlets...

  Ready to order?

You can order MapInfo Pro, Upgrades, Annual maintenance, and/or Technical support by simply calling SGSI at 1-206-224-0800 or email us

For upgrades and support orders, please have your serial #s handy, as it is required by PBS/MapInfo. 
Serial numbers are usually listed in the MapInfo > Help > About...  dialog box.

  Evaluation copies

Free 30-day full-function downloadable version.  Download v10.5 now ... or call 206-224-0800 or email for details.

  Features of previous versions

MapInfo Pro 10.0
Always-on Layer Control; Excel 2007/Access 2007 support; built-in PDF Writer, including Layered PDFs ...   More ...

MapInfo Pro 9.5
Translucent regions & text; smoother, clearer text via anti-aliasing; .NET integration; auto-text "collision avoidance"; MapCAD drawing extensions; SQL Server 2008 spatial support...   More ...

MapInfo Pro 9.0
Curved, follow-the-line text labels; Windows Vista O/S support; layout templates; date/time data types.   More ...

MapInfo Pro 8.5
Grid/raster reprojection on the fly; integrate web services, such as MapMarker & Envinsa; enhanced higher-res print engine; multiple ease-of-use enhancements.   More ...

MapInfo Pro 8.0
Support for complex 100 million-node regions; Distance Calculator; Support for ESRI grid & 3D Shapefile formats;     More ...

MapInfo Pro 7.8
New "spider graph" and "Synch Windows" utilities; Square and colored dot density maps; large 2048-character text objects; support for Oracle 10g & AccessXP formats; real-time use of both raster "WMS" and vector "WFS" map layers.  More ...

MapInfo Pro 7.5
New snap, cross-hairs, & "print to scale" features; support for 64,000 row XLSs & Oracle 9.03; Workspace "packager"; higher-res. fill patterns and symbols; real-time use of maps from remote "web map servers" (WMS).  More ...

MapInfo Pro 7.0
XP-logo certified, direct display of ShapeFile format maps, proximal area (voronoi), object rotation, "nudge" nodes, and Crystal Reports  More ...

MapInfo Pro 6.5
Extruded "prism" thematic maps, raster translucency, map "thinning", "cleaning", and other editing enhancements, "invert" selection tool, and  More ...

MapInfo Pro 6.0
3D perspective map views; auto-hotlinks to XLS, DOC and other documents; HTML page-builder tool; improved 24-bit color printing control; & support for Access 2000 binary format.  More ...

MapInfo Pro 5.5
New charting styles, improved cartographic legends, shaded relief grid maps, MrSID image format support (from SGSI!), & completely re-written map feature processing (split's, combine's, etc) .  More ...

MapInfo Pro 5.0
Continuous-color grid thematics, cartographic legends, dynamic ODBC, Crystal Reports.  More ...

MapInfo Pro 4.5
Info Tips, thematic templates, saved queries, interleaved line styles, up to 1,000,000 nodes, & bundled Universal GIS translators.    More ...

MapInfo Pro 4.1
Native MS-Access support without ODBC, export JPEG or Photoshop formats.  More ...

Curved, "follow-the-line" text labels introduced with MapInfo Pro 9.0 (2007). 






Integrate street-level drive time region analysis (requires paid service or Envinsa server).  Introduced with MapInfo Pro 8.5 (2006). 

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