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We solve business problems using data-driven maps, spatial analysis, and web-based interactive maps.  We've built a world-class reputation by emphasizing technical excellence, customer service, and high ethical standards. 

We receive many applications each month.  We particularly notice inquiries from people who have earned high marks in college; have outstanding personal references; and have top-notch communications skills.

We design and build software, analyze user requirements, present alternative solutions, and follow-up to ensure customer needs are met long-term.  While geography and cartography play a role, they are not prerequisites.


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Downtown Seattle location
One Union Square, Floor 30

Current Opportunities

GIS Developer


Technical Sales-GIS


GIS Tech. Analyst


Software Tester / Technical Analyst


Systems Engineer



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SGSI Staff (Feb 99)

How to Apply


Our application process is intended to be as painless as possible.  We can't promise to acknowledge your application if you do not include the information we have requested.

Before you apply

  • Read the Job Description (linked above).

  • Review this web page to understand how we select job candidates.

  • Peruse our full web site to understand who we are and what we do.

Step 1

Please send cover letter, resume and other information requested in the job listing.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Email your material to:

Step 2--Additional Information

Later, we may also ask for any of the following:

  • College/university transcript:  Can be a photocopy; it doesn't have be a "certified copy".

  • Additional written work:  We may ask you to respond to one or more questions that are specific to the job you are applying for. 

  • Writing sample:  At least 5 pages from a report, article or letter written entirely by you.  It can be about anything and does not have to be about software, GIS, or maps.

  • References:  3 work-related names, with phone numbers and email addresses. 

  • Work samples:  e.g., sample code, sample GIS maps, or other items related to the specific position.

Step 3--Brief informational meeting

One member of our team will request a brief (15 minute) meeting, most likely at a downtown Seattle coffee shop or public location. The purpose is for us to get to know you as a person and for you to ask any questions before we start the more formal interview process. If it is difficult for you to meet in downtown Seattle, a phone meeting can be arranged instead.

Step 4--Interview

Personal visit & interview.  This could be a multi-hour conversation with multiple members of our team. The in-person interview is essential.



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Award-winning team






Working at SGSI

Work style and values

We are a small company.  We tend to shy away from hierarchy and job titles.  We try to set up our work flow and procedures to be as automated as possible, avoiding paper where we can.  Each team member has a lot of individual autonomy and responsibility.   We are all "consultants" to each other.  Everyone's opinion is important.  We prefer permanent full-time employees, not contractors or part-timers.


Our Seattle office is in downtown Seattle, in the One Union Square building.  It's a modern, even a classy, building.  We like it because it is easy to find; has convenient bus and ferry connections; and has bike racks in the parking garage.  Our office is open, without private individual offices.   All Washington State office building are 100%  non-smoking.


We go way out of our way to satisfy our clients.   This is good business, and it creates a positive dynamic between us and our clients.  It is more fun to work with clients that like us and our work.  Long-term customer satisfaction is more important that short-run project profitability. 

Stability and Growth

We are a 20+ year old company with a history of measured growth.

We continue to be recognized by our customers and suppliers as an outstanding performer.  For example, in each year since 2000, The PBS/MapInfo Corporation has awarded us its "Business Partner of the Year" award for North America.





Compensation & Benefits

We earn revenue from services and product sales.  For example, clients pay us for custom software engineering on a per-hour basis.  We also earn revenue by selling spatial software, digital maps, and other data.  We set goals for our business and work teams, but no one is paid on a "commission" basis.  Salaries are reviewed at least annually; usually more often.  Besides salary, other benefits for full-time permanent staff include the following:

  • Annual profit sharing bonus

  • Vacation

  • Sick leave

  • Medical benefits

  • Dental

  • Optical

  • Transit pass

  • Retirement/Savings program with employer match

  • Charitable contributions matching

  • Hybrid/Low emissions car purchase subsidy.

Although not a formal benefit, we also have staff retreats and attend professional conferences and educational events from time-to-time.  We offer job flexibility and other non-tangible benefits.


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'99 Staff Retreat Site,
Kauai, Hawaii

Living in Seattle

Seattle and the Puget Sound area are known for fresh air, stunning mountains, music, and a huge variety of recreational opportunities.  It is the home of Microsoft, Adobe, Boeing, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Amazon and other energetic well-known companies.  Yes, the traffic can be bad and it does rain.  Judge for your self after checking these links:



Mt. Rainier, 50 miles south and visible from our office.
Today's view of Mt Rainier, Courtesy of Paradise Mountain WebCam...

For Non-US Citizens only


At this time, SGSI is not hiring people without US citizenship, green cards, or equivalent permanent work authorization.

In general it is hard for non-US citizens to get permission to work in the USA.  If you are a foreign national, without a USA work visa, we may still be able to hire you.  The U.S. does issue a limited number of so-called "H1-B" visas.  Only a limited number of these visas are issued each U.S. fiscal year (begins October 1).  The quota for the visas is typically fully used up by approximately June.  The process of applying for an H1-B visa involves extra work and risk for us, and only applies to applicants with at least a University-level Bachelor's degree.  For an exceptional candidate, we are willing to consider it.

Because of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canadian citizens and Mexican citizens have a somewhat easier time obtaining work authorizations in the US.  We are not able to give you legal advice on how to get US work documents.  You might want to search the WWW or Usenet to find information about the "TN-1" permit for Canadian citizens or the "H1-B" visa option for citizens of non-NAFTA countries.

For all applicants, and particularly if you are a non-USA citizen, we won't be able to consider you unless you can supply all of the information we need.  

Equal Opportunity Philosophy

You can't judge a book by its cover.  Government regulations aside, we believe it is unwise, unkind, and bad business to discriminate in employment based on race, religion, ethnic origin, marital status, sexual preference, age, non-job-related disabilities and the like.  We happen to like diversity.  SGSI is committed to and supports equal opportunity in the workplace, free from discrimination based on factors that are un-related to job performance.

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